About Us

Changing how people learn at work

In the last 30 years, software has zoomed from solving math problems to writing newspaper op-eds and works of fiction. Yet, learning at workplaces is still stuck half a century behind. Companies are spending tens of billions of dollars trying to replicate the "classroom", with video-based lectures and certifications, and with no ways of measuring outcomes. Why do companies not adapt with time and technological advances? Probably because people like the comfort of having some constants and thus find it difficult to overcome the inertia that is instruction-based training.

Studies have shown that nearly 75% of new learning is forgotten within 6 days if the learning is not applied in real life situations. This is called “The Forgetting Curve”. As a result, people currently learn inefficiently at work and over time stop learning continuously as they don't see the impact of learning on their careers.  Learning happens best when it is tied to routines and actions in a time bound manner. Linear was started with the mission to help millions of people grow professionally through retentive learning and habit formation.

At Linear, we are trying to transform workplace learning, with a personalized platform focused on increasing learning outcomes like retention and application, using gamification and machine learning. Unlike the alternatives, we deliver a fun and active learning experience without long boring video lectures and irrelevant certifications. And we measure the outcomes too!


Prem Sivakumaran (Co-Founder)
- Prem is a successful entrepreneur who has previously built Growth Mechanics, a U.S.-focused content marketing firm and Smart CEO, an events and magazine platform for CEOs in India. He has led content marketing engagements with marquee clients including Facebook, Google Cloud, and several technology companies in the U.S. Prem started his career as a chip designer at AMD in Austin, TX. He holds a Master’s degree in Computer Engineering from UT Austin and a B.E in Electrical Engineering from University of Madras.

Santhosh Sarangan (Co-Founder) - Santhosh is an experienced business leader having been in leadership positions at big tech companies like Amazon and Uber. Before Linear, he was a Product Leader building and launching products to drive machine-driven decision making for the retail business at Amazon India. He had previously been a General Manager at Uber during its early years in India launching and scaling Uber’s business in Chennai. He is a Computer Science Engineer and an MBA from IIM Ahmedabad. Away from work, Santhosh is an avid reader, backpacking traveler and a dedicated runner training in hot and humid conditions for that next race...