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Linear is an active micro-learning platform designed for teams. We help users learn leadership and productivity skills and form habits through algorithm driven retentive strategies.

Build Work Routines.
Become better everyday.

Active Learning

We help our users retain what they learn and apply new skills in the real-world.

Video-based courses have abysmal completion rates of <6%.

People don't have the time or patience to watch hours and hours of videos.

Ideal for teams at startups and tech companies.

New Employee Onboarding

Equip new hires with the right leadership skills.

First-time Manager

Enable managers to become better leaders and decision-makers.

Young Leader Program

Help promising professionals pick up leadership skills for the future.

Enterprise Productivity

Inculcate productivity skills, so daily progress becomes a routine.

Built for behavioural skills

In today's distracted world, people are struggling to think with clarity and manage stress, so they get burnt out very early in their careers.

What professionals need today is a platform that helps them develop the right behavioural skills to work more efficiently, lead better, communicate with clarity, solve problems and be creative.

AI-Powered Platform

Linear is powered by research based machine learning algorithms.

Personalisation Engine

One of the biggest pain-points in e-learning today is the one-size-fits-all curriculum. This wastes users' time causing them to lose interest leading to low completion rates.

At Linear, we start with each user's persona and goals. The learning plan is then personalised to their specific needs and wants.

Retention Engine

People forget what they learn if they don't revise or use that learning over a period of time. Our spaced repetition algorithm addresses this issue of user forgetfulness.

Revising prior learnings at regular intervals helps our users increase their learning retention. Users apply the new skills they develop by doing our daily challenges,

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